As anti-capitalists we are experimenting with navigating a business with integrity- honoring our labor, holding respect for the plants and the land, and making our remedies accessible.   It is a curious process- running a business based in healing in an economic structure that we believe is inherently harmful.  We play with this tension daily as we move with our passions and intentions while also working to sustain ourselves. 

As a business, we strive to be a resource to our small farming town, to collaborate with other radicalized herbalists and healers, and to support movements for collective liberation. We try to keep the cost of our Herbal CSA low by providing a sliding scale, and are committed to donating medicine to organizations working towards economic and racial justice including Causa Justa::Just CausePuente and TGIJP


Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson is a makeshift builder, cat enthusiast, and kitchen witch.  She has studied with Joshua Muscat of The San Francisco Botanical Medicine Clinic, and Janet Kent and Dave Meesters of Terra Sylva School in Marshall, NC.  Lauren works from a ‘radical vitalist’ perspective (a term coined by Kent/Meesters), utilizing plants to support the body's innate force, while working within a framework that is trauma informed, body positive and based in harm reduction.  She is a science nerd and is constantly curious and can often be found talking out loud to the plants in the garden. 




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