Staying Hydrated!

If you know you'll be working in the heat, here are some good remedies to have on hand to keep your body balanced:


Homemade Electrolyte Mix


 -1 quart of water

-juice of one lemon

-juice of one orange

-3 tablespoons honey

-1/4 teaspoon sea salt

 Add 1/c cup of this mix to your water bottle or drink straight if you're really in need!

Marshmallow Root Infusion

Marshmallow root is cooling and moistening and deeply hydrating for those of us who tend to run dry or get easily dehydrated. It is strongest when brewed as a cold infusion. To do this simply put 1/2 cup of dried root in a quart jar and fill with cold water. Leave to steep for 2-8 hours before straining- being sure to press out all that medicinal goo! Marshmallow tea can go off quickly so store it in the fridge to avoid spoiling.

Sun tea

Although sun tea isn’t usually quite as strong as an infusion made with boiled water, it can be a nice way to make tea on a hot day. Simply place 1 tbsp of dried herbs for each cup of water (or 2 tbsp of fresh herbs for each cup of water) into a jar, cover, and use the warmth of the sun to brew your tea. Some cooling herbs to consider for warm days are: roses, mint, lemon balm, lemon verbena, red clover, lavender, hibiscus and tulsi. (Warning: If you’re on land with a high fire danger you won’t want to leave a clear jar in the sun! move it into the shade or inside instead.)