Plants for First Aid

Whether you're in a city park, or a backwoods trail, these are helpful plants to befriend!


Plantain grows as a weed over much of the continent and Narrow Leaf Plantain is abundant in California. This plant is antimicrobial and a great remedy for rashes, bites and stings and it has strong drawing properties. If you are outdoors and a rash is really bothering you, a splinter is deep in, or a wasp bite is growing larger, look for a plantain plant. Harvest a leaf, chew it for a few minute so it will release it's juice (yes, plantain is edible!) and then apply the mashed leaf to the area in need.  Lauren has had great success pulling the infection out of aggressive spider bites with a plantain poultice. 


Yarrow is antimicrobial, helps with bruising and it can stop minor bleeding. If you find yourself with a cut in the woods, take a yarrow leaf or two and chew on them to release the oils. Apply to your wound to staunch the bleeding, then wash with soap and water when it becomes available. You can also add dried, powdered yarrow to your first aid kit to have on hand to sprinkle into wounds. If you only have tincture on hand that can help for wounds that are starting to get hot and red and infected.