Preparing Your Body for Allergy Season

Approaching Spring, the pollen counts are already super high in the Bay Area. If you find yourself struggling with Seasonal Allergies every year, here are some tips for early allergy prevention and care:

  • Having a strong immune system can help to decrease the effect of seasonal allergies.  Medicinal mushrooms and astragalus root are herbs that can be added to foods or taken as tinctures to work to build your deep immunity. (Check out an earlier post for more info on these two.)
  • Nourishing herbs like nettles and mullein can be taken daily to help prepare your respiratory system for seasonal allergies.
  • Raw local honey and local bee pollen can help your body to build a tolerance for plant pollen.
  • Facial steams help with the allergies as well as colds. Elderflowers and yarrow are both helpful herbs for relieving congestion, and chamomile can be a nice addition to soothe irritated nasal passages.
  • Using a neti pot or a bottled saline solution can help to wash away pollen and other irritants from your sinuses.
  • Herbalist Sarah Holmes says that a few drops of strong digestive bitters (like dandelion, gentian, artichoke or others) can help to take the edge off a strong histamine response.
  • If your allergies are super acute taking tinctures of herbs like goldenrod, eyebright or red root can help bring relief. (We just started goldenrod seeds for next year’s tincture!)
  • We’ve also found acupuncture treatments to be helpful and the Bay Area has many community clinics that offer sliding scale treatments in a group setting.