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Our garden is the heart of Steadfast Herbs. We tend to our plants from seed to harvest, through all seasons of their growth cycles, year to year, to become deeply familiar with their patterns and health.  We follow the guidance of the plants as we develop our remedies, learning more each day about their needs and capabilities. We make our remedies by hand in small batches, ensuring the quality and potency of each individual salve, tincture or tea. 

Because the cultivation of medicinal plants is uncommon in the US, most herbs are either imported- shipped at great carbon cost and stored for longer amounts of time than is ideal for potency- or wild harvested at possible endangerment to the plant community or its surrounding ecology.  By growing locally on a small scale, and harvesting wild plants on land that we steward, we know that each herb is handled with care and consideration, and we are engaged and aware of the health of this land and the vitality of our medicine.

We are currently growing over 50 varieties of medicinal herbs, using organic practices, in our half acre garden at Root Down Farm in the Cloverdale Valley of Pescadero, CA.  We harvest for our own remedies and for other local herbalists and medicine makers.  We sell fresh herbs locally at the farm in Pescadero (contact us to order/pick-up), as well as at farmer’s markets.  If you are looking for fresh or dried herbs, or bulk tincture not listed in our store, please contact us at




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